Bígí linn!

Ravelóid is a pioneering new music and culture festival that is to take place in summer 2016.

Every summer a wide range of boutique festivals are held throughout Ireland, all of which use English as their primary language of communication and promotion.

Ravelóid will put the Irish language at the centre of an exciting mixture of contemporary and traditional music, comedy, dance, literature, discussions, workshops and more.

The festival will take place on the expansive grounds of Ardgillan Castle, near Balbriggan in north county Dublin, and will provide full camping facilities for the 5,000 people who will attend the newest and sunniest festival in the Irish language world.

Ravelóid will be dynamic celebration of the Irish language as an intrinsic element of our identity and will provide a wonderful insight into the vibrancy and diversity of the language’s contemporary culture in 2016.



Some of the amazing Ravelóid line-up – bands, singer-songwriters, artists, poets, actors and more – has now been announced with more to follow soon.

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Ravelóid will take place on the expansive grounds of Ardgillan Castle, situated between Balbriggan and Skerries in North Country Dublin.

The castle is close to the M50 and M1 – and to the airport! – which means that you’ll be able to get to the craic easily.


Not only will Ravelóid have superb entertainment over two nights, but you, your friends and family will able to camp on-site as well.

Full camping facilites will be available with more secluded camping for families with children aged 12 or younger, so that young Ravelóidithe will get a good night’s sleep!

Camping is included in the the price of a weekend ticket.

More info on tickets here.


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